The BRAWN Initiative

BRAWN Initiative
I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.

STEM is dead and women have killed it.

For much of my adult life there has been unwavering support in the media for STEM education. The democratization of the university degree, a product of greed and affirmative action, has flooded the labor pool with low-skilled STEM graduates with little hope for a full time career. We were told the only way to succeed in life, nay the only way to find work, was to study Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. However, upon graduation none of this was true.

The research laboratory is where you will inevitably wind up with your prestigious STEM degree. Those outside of STEM fields have a false conception of what research actually entails. Research is not traveling to remote islands and collecting dead finches with disparate beak shapes. Research is not mixing chemicals to create gold. Research is not testing the atom bomb in a remote New Mexico desert.

Research is monotony. Research is sitting at a computer for hours on end staring at data on Excel. Research is adding Red Liquid A to Red Liquid B with a broken pipette manufactured in 1988. You will never discover anything. You will never invent anything. You will never produce anything of value.

Science is so compartmentalized nowadays that you have no idea what you’re working on. A part of a part of a part of some larger part. You’re given a set of instructions to follow and repeat until you find a different lab. There is no room for creativity or innovation. The grant rules everything around you. Sitting in a fume hood under nauseating fluorescent light all day makes you no better than the lab rats you test boner pills on.

STEM is well-suited to people who follow the rules. People who don’t think big. People who don’t challenge the status quo. Women thrive in this type of environment, as do H-1Bs from the Philippines. The former tends to move up quickly into management. If a woman doesn’t already manage your lab, the impotent, old Boomer male who does will happily change that.

The old Boomers of STEM are dinosaurs. They are replacing themselves with a cohort of strange mystery meat women with names you can’t pronounce. I’m told there’s a shortage of women in STEM but there’s really a shortage of people who aren’t first-generation immigrants. People who don’t ask The Big Questions. People who are more than willing to be the worker ants of the seething hive of Industrial Civilization.

Technology has longed ceased to improve lives. The latest dick pic apps from Silicon Valley let us Keep Up with the Kardashians, but otherwise tether us to an inescapable virtual hellscape. Engineering, too, has failed us. We set foot on the Moon and that was about it for technological progress. Advancements in robotics promise us a future in which no one will have to work. But we’ve been told that for a long time. Work isn’t bad as long as it’s dignified. There is nothing dignified about receiving a UBI check from the government after watching your mandatory twelve hours of targeted mobile ads per day.

Mathematics serves as the body of the STEM hydra, and remains to an extent the least corrupted of the four fields. Notoriously difficult, higher level math serves as an obstacle many students cannot surmount. Life science undergraduates tap out after differential & integral calculus, something of which should be mandatory to graduate high school. I am told that in China all university students regardless of major must pass linear algebra and differential equations. This could be a good filter for a better education system in the future.

It is clear by now that STEM is a meme propagated by big business to drive down wages in highly technical disciplines. The supposed STEM shortage is nothing more than a hoax to flood the labor market both with underpaid recent graduates and H-1B Filipina waifus for the enjoyment of middle management Boomers. STEM is on its way out and its death invites us to ponder what should replace it.

I would like to propose my very own BRAWN Initiative. The technical disciplines have for too long been filled with nerds lacking a sort of vital spirit necessary for innovation and discovery. Worse, the rote nature of contemporary STEM has attracted insect people content to memorize and repeat soundbites from their college professors. The BRAWN Initiative will make them all submit to the will of the New Man.

One cannot have a healthy mind or soul without a healthy body. Thus, Broscience is the first of the five core components of BRAWN. By selectively drawing from ancient wisdom, biostatistics, and esoteric bodybuilding forums, Broscience represents all that is good and pure in regards to health and well-being. To paraphrase a famous bodybuilder, “Are you going to listen to somebody who studied the body or somebody who built the body?” With all this talk in the media about healthcare and the impotence of the government, the Age of DIY Healthcare cannot come soon enough. Look after your bros as they would look after you.

Religion is the second component of BRAWN. The health of the soul is criminally overlooked by modern science. Some of these lab coat-wearing neckbeards even say the soul doesn’t exist. We enlightened few know this isn’t true. Choose a faith and follow it. It doesn’t matter if it ‘isn’t real’; the Truth lies in the stories and parables regardless if they actually happened.

The third core component of BRAWN is Aesthetics. As I have written before, your appearance is literally the only important thing about you. But Aesthetics goes beyond this: we must teach students to appreciate Beauty in all forms, from art to architecture to Nature. A respect for Beauty translates into a respect for Life itself. Life is not and should not be a race to the very bottom. Through Broscience and Religion (body & soul) we will elevate ourselves and our civilization into the realm of the Aesthetic.

Will to power is the fourth and foundational force of BRAWN. Will to power is your vital spark, your inner flame, your essence. Will to power is a rebellion against the overwhelming force of entropy that threatens to consume us all. By cultivating will to power through intense physical training, endurance exercises, and mandatory nude Greco-Roman wrestling, we will be able to overcome the pervasive nihilism of post-modernism.

The last core component of BRAWN is Natural philosophy, the original science. Natural philosophy concerns itself with the mathematics that underpins all physical phenomena. We must learn from the Ancients by reading the foundational texts of this field and expand on it in our own ways. It is an atrocity that public schools teach mathematics, physics, and biology without having students read the works of Pythagoras, Archimedes, and Aristotle. An experiment is of no use if you do not understand the fundamental reasons behind natural phenomena. Many people can do calculus but few know why and how it was developed over millennia.

Thus, let us cast STEM into the trash heap of post-modernity. Let BRAWN be the future of total human development. Let us be stronger, smarter, and more introspective. Let us ask The Big Questions and know how to answer them.

5 thoughts on “The BRAWN Initiative

  1. Damn Faceberg, this was wicked sick. Thanks for posting, you know I’ve been having thoughts about all of this lately, why STEM is so pushed onto people’s fore fronts. “HEY, IF YOU DO THIS X EQUATION, YOU MIGHT GET THIS Y JOB, JUST LIKE ALGEBRA AND CALCULUS, IT’S ALL NEEDED.”

    Society is going to crumble on itself when none of us no what to do with our lives, submit your life to BRAWN, it’s the only survival you got.

  2. the virgin scholastic v the chad mystic

    Come to IT. It’s 99% men, and the lifting requirement excludes whiners.

  3. The interstellar archeofuturist-imperialist branch of BRAWN congratulates you on a truly foundational piece. Very well done, our spiritual way forward is becoming clearer by the day!

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