The Incel Economy & You

It’s almost 2018 and the Incel Economy has never looked hotter. I’ve been bullish on the Incel Economy for quite some time and 2018 looks like the year of massive financial gains. Google search trends show declining searches for dating related keywords and increasing searches for terms like waifu and dakimakura. While the glorious 2D age is several decades away, it would be worthwhile to examine current sociocultural trends and make predictions about what 2018 holds for the Incel Economy.

What is the Incel Economy? The Incel Economy is a term used to refer to those companies and sectors of the economy that grow when self-reported sexual activity declines. Millennials are increasingly not having sex due to a variety of sociocultural trends. Rising standards among millennial men and women coupled with decreasing physical attractiveness and income levels are largely to blame.

Millennial men cannot stop watching porn. Most of them cannot go a week without watching someone shove something up their ass on the internet. Porn tricks their insect brains into thinking they’re sexually active. As long-term porn use continues, bizarre fetishes develop and porn becomes preferable to the real thing. Like your mother, porn is easy to access and always available. There would be an Elliot Rodger every hour if not for porn.

Millennial women cannot stop being fat. Most of them cannot go a week without eating colorful, overpriced pastries. Artisanal cupcakes, craft macarons, and the Notorious PSF (pumpkin spice Frappuccino) are but a few of her drugs of choice. I don’t really keep up with women’s clothing, but the average dress size in the United States was a 16 last time I checked. Damn.

While some millennial men have started to lift weights, dress better, and make an effort to meet girls, it’s clear that girls aren’t even trying. The Sexual Marketplace has always been a buyer’s market. Millennial women have been clever to rebrand their ballooning waistlines as “curvy” or “thicc [sic]” to some degree of success. In addition, male thirst remains at an all-time high. Thus, the millennial man either settles for the 4/10 “curvy” Latina or seeks pleasure elsewhere.

This is where the Incel Economy comes into play. If a young adult male has dropped out of the dating market, as is increasingly common, he now has a lot of free time on his hands. He’s not going out to bars or nightclubs (do people still do this?) and he’s spending the majority of his time home alone. What is he doing? He’s playing video games, watching capeshit or anime, and browsing the internet. It is no surprise that GPU manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA were two of the best performing stocks this year.

I am not here to fix the Incel Economy. I am here to teach you how to profit off of it so we can retire at 30 on some Mediterranean island far away from this laughingstock of a country. What we need to be on the lookout for going forward are those companies that are going to profit off of this emergent trend.

As I previously mentioned, computer hardware is going to be huge. More and more people are opting to build their own PCs. A PC is now the go to gaming device because Sony and Microsoft have no idea what they’re doing anymore with the Playstation and Xbox, respectively. I don’t even know anyone with an XBOX One and the PS4 only has one game.

Nintendo could be a good investment but they’ve lacked proper third party support for decades and seem to make random, nonsensical business decisions. Still, their first party games are top notch and they’re expanding into mobile gaming. If Nintendo cared about money, they’d create a service like Steam with their entire first party catalogue available for purchase. For now, I’d be cautious and stick strictly with computer hardware.

Next, we have capeshit and anime. Nobody under 25 watches sports so I’d stay away from those related industries. Netflix will continue to be huge. They have an excellent, reoccurring business model and are rapidly expanding their selection of capeshit and anime. The Incel Economy also includes women, and anyone who has lived with girls will know that all they do is watch Netflix and go out for frozen yogurt. There’s money here. Also, niche copycat services like Crunchyroll and Filmstruck could be good too. The former specializes in anime and the latter in kino.

While we’re on the subject, let’s take a look at the film industry. Disney will continue to churn out massively popular, best-selling garbage like Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar films. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Netflix shows get theatrical releases too. The film industry is dying in the United States because you have to leave your house to attend screenings, but the Chinese can’t get enough of American films. Sino-futurism is always something to consider.

Before we get to the last topic, I’d like to make a special note of the pet and pet food industries. Pet ownership will go way up during the Incel Economy, as women see dogs and cats as surrogate children. These industries would be a long-term hold, as I don’t see birth rates ever recovering to replacement levels in the United States.

Lastly, we have the internet or technology in general. I’d be cautious of the latest dating apps, but I’d give everything else a greenlight. That means social media, software services, and smartphone apps. Try and find the next Instagram and get in before it’s assimilated into the Facebook hive mind.

Technology is not going away despite my desperate nightly prayers. VR could be hit or miss, but AI sounds promising. Sexbots are always going to be weird and I don’t see them gaining mainstream appeal. The first company to make an AI girlfriend like in Blade Runner 2049 will be the next Microsoft. Something like Siri or that Amazon machine that watches you sleep but is useful and attractive.

Hopefully you’ll find a few takeaways here that will make your 2018 a profitable year. The Incel Economy is here to stay and it’s about time someone recognize the lucrative opportunities it contains. Let me know in the comments your best Incel Economy holds for 2018.

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20 Comments on “The Incel Economy & You”

  1. Given how feminists have been increasingly working on destroying these pacifiers for men, one wonders if this is going to last much longer. It certainly wouldn’t be difficult to infiltrate a feminist movement and have them wage a new campaign against anime, eroges, etc.

    Only when men in chains are exhibited in triumph with their genitals neutered and castigated before an approving crowd of government officials, shall their revenge be complete. Its almost there!

  2. The use of DDLC as your header for this couldn’t be more apt. It’s a game that’s grossly popular right now and for all the wrong reasons. People waifushit the hell out of that game when it is a cautionary tale against waifuism(regardless of what the author says).

  3. “PS4 only has one game.”


    Also completely agreed with the Nintendo paragraph. The Switch is getting some 3rd party support already, but their track record for having such utterly retarded marketing that they’re still too risky of a company to invest in, even if they continue to make good games, and for all intents and purposes had a real good 2017. Maybe only invest in Nintendo for the Switch’s lifespan, if that’s something one must do.

    1. Right on with Bloodborne.

      Nintendo is competing in a league of its own lately. They’re kind of hard to predict, but their first party lineup is always good.

  4. Interesting article. I would have to disagree on capeshit as I think that particular cultural subset is nearing its saturation point. Disney is of course a powerhouse, but other companies may suffer in the coming years. In addition to what you listed I would also consider buying into the supplements market. The inevitable health complications from poor diet and lack of exercise combined with the aging boomer generation will create a market due to the high price of traditional healthcare.

    1. The average hispanic, despite the MS-13 latin lover and hot latina stereotype, is not very different from the regular incel: anime for males, food for females.

  5. Entertaining article, but I disagree with this part:
    “What is he doing? He’s playing video games, watching capeshit or anime, and browsing the internet. It is no surprise that GPU manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA were two of the best performing stocks this year.”

    AMD and Nvidia are hot stocks because graphics cards are used in mining cryptocurrencies, so with bitcoin hitting record highs every day, there’s huge demand for more cards. People are also excited about the potential for driverless cars to use graphics cards. But it’s not clear yet if driverless cards will actually use graphics cards–some people argue that they’ll use ASICs for image processing instead. (IDK enough about the technical details to say which is more likely.)

    So while I think you’re right that video games will get more popular, AMD and NVDA could be disappointing stocks if the bitcoin bubble bursts or driverless cars take longer than expected.

    1. True, the GPUs are mostly up because of crypto. Though even if crypto doesn’t pan out, computers aren’t going anywhere.

  6. Here are some that come to my mind:

    – Bogus fertility prolongment pills.

    – Annual celebrity in-vitro impregnation lottery (babies don’t include celebrity’s wealth or responsability).

    – Domestic furby-like self-lubricating anal mason jars with feelings (AI).

    – Revenge porn holders/investigators: buy and hold revenge porn and sell it to companies/particulars to blackmail someone. This one could work for this generation only I guess.

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