All Tomorrow’s Parties

St. Elliot
For Thursday’s child is Sunday’s clown.

The 2013 Isla Vista shooting signified a watershed moment in my personal life. I had moved out of Isla Vista only a year before, leaving behind Santa Barbara for what I thought would be the last time. Isla Vista is an unincorporated town bordering the Pacific Ocean, home largely to students from the adjacent UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Community College; it is Southern California distilled into its absolute essence. The town has a reputation for its house parties and bohemian surfer culture. It’s not uncommon to walk around on a weekend night and end up invited to an ad hoc party provided your group contains a girl or two.

On its surface, Isla Vista is a fairly welcoming place. It’s easy to talk to random people when you’re both in varied states of inebriation. By the end of the night, you’ll often find yourself with a larger group than you had initially gone out with. The drunken friend, in all his inescapable ephemerality, is among the most agreeable of souls. He is excitable, earnest, and adventurous. You will never see him again beyond the night you met. Your haphazard plans for hanging out again will fall through despite his prior insistence.

Californians love to make plans and never follow through with them. If you don’t have a specific date and time set to meet with someone, they will never show up. Even if you do, they still won’t show up. It’s somehow acceptable here to make arrangements at the end of a conversation and silently disregard them the following day. Word is most definitely not bond around these parts. I’ve often postulated whether alcohol is the only substance holding our postmodern social fabric together. Alcohol makes what so many find unbearable about company temporarily endurable. It’s no small wonder that mastery of the fermentation process was one of our earliest agricultural achievements.

Beyond the opaque façade of revelry and distraction, Isla Vista can be an incredibly sinister place. When you are not invited to the parties, when you are alone, the entire town comes to resemble a rowdy bar in which you’re the only sober person. Being in a bar while sober is a test of patience. The drunken man exists on a mental plane far apart from the sober man. His freewheeling speech and brazen antics become unwelcome provocations on your limited patience. Some men become aggressive while drinking, and though I consider this to be an exceptional circumstance, their presence can often sour a night out.

No more is the sexual Pareto principle in effect than in Isla Vista. I can imagine it has only gotten worse with the advent of online hookup apps. The top ten to twenty percent of young men in regards to appearance and reputation have unlimited access to the affections of the young college girls populating the town. In a place known for its laid back culture and open-mindedness, the competition for sex is a constant Pyrrhic war of deception and deceit.

Your status as a young man is proportional to your sexual desirability. Young men do not compete so much for economic or scholastic achievement, as they do for the favors of women. Even the perception, manufactured or legitimate, of sexual prowess among your peers is enough to catapult you into the upper echelons of social status. Men want to be you; women want to be with you. The former case inspires an effete, but caustic jealously among your male peers. Those unable to compete with you in the extended domain of struggle are hell-bent on hindering you, damaging your reputation and dragging you down with them into the mired pits of involuntary celibacy.

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard wrote that in Santa Barbara, the question you always hear is, “What are you doing after the orgy?” To paraphrase from a friend on Twitter, Elliot Rodger asked us, “What are you doing when you are not invited to the orgy?” During my time in Isla Vista, I arrived at the inevitable conclusion that violence would one day come to this town. Someday, someone would snap under the immense psycho-sexual burden bearing down on them and lash out against man and woman alike.

Elliot Rodger was a victim of Isla Vista, as much as those whom he killed were victims of his unfulfilled desire and rage against a society that enables unchecked lust and hedonism. While I must profess that, for the sake of public record, I do not endorse his murders; I understand completely the unfortunate series of events that led to their occurrence. Reading through My Twisted World, one comes to comprehend the entirely foreseeable and deterministic character of his birth and upbringing. What the media, in all their faux outrage seems to have missed, was how a young man of his breeding and background would invariably choose the fatal path he walked.

Elliot was born of an East Asian mother and a Northern European father, creating at birth the genetic aberration of the Eurasian or Hapa male. The Hapa is a castaway Frankenstein monster of East and West, a byproduct of mass transit and globalization unfairly rejected by both of his disparate cultures. The sexual marketplace of Isla Vista predominately favors those of the tall, fair Nordic phenotype. The ‘surfer dude’ of California is in fact a blond, blue-eyed male of impressive stature and physique. At the outset, Elliot was unsuited to his future life in Isla Vista. This, coupled with a detached father figure and an isolated adolescence, would portend his eventual rejections and untimely demise.

While race is seldom a deciding factor in one’s fate, one can often internalize unwanted or undesirable aspects pertaining to their racial phenotype. The rejection that hurt Elliot the most was not at the hands of any girl, but the initial and lifelong rejection of Elliot by his father. Fathers want to see themselves reflected in the visage of their sons, an insurance of their reproductive success. It is likely this phenomenon that underscores the primeval demands for marital fidelity and unspoiled brides. Fathers have yet to learn, if possible, to empathize with the biological results of their interracial pairings.

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  1. The guy was way closer to getting attention from women than he would admit to himself, and I think it scared him from ever approaching a girl, lest he actually SUCCEED. After all, he wasn’t afraid of rejection, he already perceived himself as universally rejected. I think he self-sabotaged so that it never became too real (see: Puer Aeternus), ie something he had to commit to. Getting locked down by one girl, then seeing a hotter girl he thinks he could have gotten instead would have driven him insane. He wanted to retain the fantasy, holding out for “infinite possibility”.

    This is The Last Psychiatrist’s interpretation of the Echo and Narcissus myth. Narcissus is intrigued by Echo’s call as long as his imagination is allowed to run wild. When he sees her for the first time, he rejects her. She wasn’t ugly, she was finite, too real. Not a fantasy, which is apparently what he preferred. Interestingly, TLP’s blog went defunct around the time of the shooting, and then another called “Hotel Concierge” popped up on tumblr, believed to be the same author. The first post is about ER, go figure.

    The Manosphere loves to talk about ER, even though he hated pua, hated porn, wanted to ban sex. I disagree with the sentiment that Game would have saved him, he needed a supportive social circle more than anything. A friend to go to the gym with (he had a bit of a soybod), one to introduce him to others since he was shy, one to let him vent, etc.

  2. Elliot was also a victim of his own affluence. Reading his manifesto shows that he never even attempted to approach a girl. He figured that his betters attracted women by their looks alone and that charisma and charm simply follow social status. He’s been handed everything on a silver platter all his life, so why would hot white chicks be any different to the other items on the menu?

    An overlooked aspect of the contemporary incel is their unwarranted sense of entitlement and their undiagnosed narcissism. Learnedly helpless from suckling at their mother’s teat throughout adolescence, they cry for help and sustenance when separated and wail even louder into the night when their demands are not met. This is why they are so defensive when people try helping them: they attribute all their flaws merely as damage or scars from postmodern society. They are too perfect for this world and would rather wait for the next. It isn’t totally untrue that mass society played no role in this, but to give up so early? Mandatory virgin waifus are waiting for you at the end of the revolution, there is nothing at the end of a noose.

      1. He’s right again. The most handsome guys always had the most social status at my high school. It’s not like they had any better “social skills” (which is kind of a meme too), they were preselected because of their FACE HEIGHT FRAME.

  3. Until now, I had thought of Elliot as a ridiculous character with a complete lack of self-awareness. But you make a good case that he did what he did because of the social caste system he was stuck in. It reminded me of when I went to university for the first time. One of my roommates mentioned he’d slept with over 40 girls, and I hadn’t even had sex yet. It was so soul-crushing to walk around the campus and see hundreds of girls in their physical prime, yet not be able to get with a single one. It would get so bad that when a girl would show interest i’d inevitably blow it because I was so surprised she actually like me. Predictably, the dorks in my pre-engineering class smelled like cheese and could not string together a coherent sentence, let alone get prime sorority pussy. This cheered me up a bit that there were others that weren’t living out a mythical college dream of endless sex and partying.

    1. Did you go into Uni straight out of HS? I wish I’d have take a couple years off. Freshmen men, unless exceptional, are bottom of the social hierarchy. Ideal age for a man to enter college is prob btwn 20-23, after a few years of real world immersion.

  4. >Fathers have yet to learn, if possible, to empathize with the biological results of their interracial pairings.
    You’ve been drinking too much of the r/hapas kool aid, bruh. As a nordic man with a half japanese son, I can assure you that you’re wrong. I love my son more than anything in the world. The real hapa problems are the relationship dynamic between many WMAF couples – the beta male/loser/pervert and the tiger mother/gold digger/white worshipper, and often living in rootless new world communities such as north america or australia, where people have no real culture, so they hyperfocus on race, as most places have no real communal or ethnic identity.

    1. Yes, the latter point was what I was getting at. A good percentage of these WM/AF pairings seem to be between the worst of both races; rootless cosmopolitans in prestigious careers who have no business raising children.

      1. Exactly. The “longingfordeath” guy sounds like he was birthed from two people who should have never been allowed to bred. Its terrifying.

  5. Should an incel just start using steroids ( considering other factors as well)? How else can you compete in a market place with very few quality women and tons of dudes.

    I see why steroids are so prevalent in Australia now.

    1. Weight lifting for girls is a meme tbh. It’s really just a numbers game, though most guys aren’t around a lot of girls at all.

      1. I mostly agree with FB in this case. The gym does help, but after a year or two of natty lifting, most people won’t progress much further, no matter how much food or proton shakes they eat. Just cut to low body fat after gaining some muscle. Bulking is one of the dumbest memes out there. Only certain people (ex. football players) can bulk natty. Steroids would probably help, but to be honest, if you’re on this site, I guarantee you “maple moose” that you’ll go bald, get bitch tits, and have a heart attaq soon after starting Tren. Not all of us can be Stud Carmichael.

        1. Just eating less goes a long way. I still recommend excercise for its other benefits, but it won’t make a significant impact in your social life.

        2. I have a small frame and have put on 25-30 lbs body weight ( mainly in Year 1 and 2 ). Its year 7 now of working out and since that time ive just been “spinning my wheels”.

          Even with that body weight increase, I just look like an average considering my small frame. (Went from 125 to 160 lbs.

          This is why I want to do a cycle of test, if only to see what mental benefits there are having high testosterone running through your system.
          Its tough living in the modern West if youre not Chad.

  6. Incel uprising was in 2014, not 2013, but good piece.

    I am surprised that there have not been more Elliot Rodgers as the vast majority of people are incapable of resigning themselves to the life of a “solitary mole”, which our society has forced upon so many men in the West. Some, I’m sure, would have done something similar but have soothed themselves with resentful ideologies such as MRA or MGTOW, while others have remained apolitical and found chemical solutions to their joyless existences (Is being a self-neutered MGTOW better than dying at the age of 29 from a heroin overdose? I’m not sure), but I believe there are many who are only holding themselves back from doing something similar due to their parents still being alive.

    Once the parents of these people born in the late 80’s and 90’s have died, millions of men (who should still be of fighting age) will have NO family or meaningful relationships. They will have nothing and no one of worth.

    1. I think the reason there haven’t been more is because porn and electronic entertainment is so effective at anesthetizing boys. It’s strange to think how small families have gotten.

  7. As a life long Goletan and a UCSB alumni, my main gripe with Elliot is his obsession with blondes. There are tons of hot brown latinas here he could have lusted here instead. His obsession with blondes makes him sound like a total plebe.

    ” the day of retribution I’m going to enter the hottest K-mart of Santa Barbara County. And I will slaughter every spoiled, stuck-up, latina slut I see inside”
    – I unironically believe this

    Also, most of his victims were asian guys, not hot girls. Killing hot girls in IV would be like shooting fish in a barrel, and he failed at that.

    But his rage is justified tho.

      1. He didn’t, actually. In a testament to his entire life, he failed in his attempt to hurt the women he targeted. He brought his gun to the “hottest sorority”, and wasn’t let inside. Didn’t try a window, back door, simply abandoned his evil mastermind plan for random passersby. There was a girl interviewed by the local news that had a bullet go right past her head. Even with a gun ER couldn’t get it in a woman.

  8. We’re all Elliot on the inside. Isolated, lonely, dealing with feelings of rejection from people we don’t know, but would like to. It takes a monk’s level of patience and inner calm to deal with the amount of loneliness the modern man now faces.
    That, or a ton of pornography, video games and drugs.

    1. I prefer the latter. I rather not dose myself in hedonistic endeavors but rather accept my fate and live in solitary.

    1. Society does not owe elliot roger sex nor food since one must be worthy to earn both. But certainly society owes him a transcendental purpose.

      The focus on the hedonistic libido rather than true transcendence is what makes Elliot roger possible.

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